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You are viewing a menu page of my internet domain. There is more than can be reached by clicking: secrets. As of late 2016 I'm most regularly active on instagram, and my new youtube channel Dansplains. For any reason, especially to request I splain something for your benefit reach me by email at dclucal(-at-)

And an customary blurb, in case I'm needed to participate blurbally:

Dan Lucal is about 30 years old. Makes art, some clay stuff, takes pictures, does youtubes, has day job laboring through streets and homes of the rich in New York City. He rides a bike and finds interesting stuff on the ground. He holds a Class B NYS Commercial Drivers License, and was formerly licensed by the Department of Consumer Affairs to guide sightseeing. Spent a lot of highschool in the woods. Went to art college. Has supportive network of family and friends. Tactile learner.

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